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Published: 29th March 2010
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Did you just get a new chihuahua? Is the chihuahua a puppy? Does your chihuahua pee everywhere? Chihuahua potty training is one of the hardest things to tech your dog. Because you chihuahua is such a small dog they have a tough time holding it all in. So sometime it is very tough to potty train your chihuahua. Something you have to understand is that most of the time it is not their fault. Because of there small size sometime it is very hard to potty train your chihuahua. But there is a way to learn exactly how to. It is through chihuahua potty training. There are certain techniques you must use and practice based on your chihuahua personal needs. Maybe your puppy wakes up very early in the morning. That most of the time means they need to go to the potty. See you have to adapt to they way your chihuahua's body works. Sometimes it can be hard. It just takes time. With such small dogs that is all it takes. That is one of the down sides of having such a small dog. But instead think of all the good things that come from it too. The love you get from them. The great feeling and love they show you. I myself having a chihuahua know that they are one of the most loving dogs you can have. So before you get frustrated and give up an chihuahua potty training, think of all the goods that come from you loving puppy. Eventually you will potty train your puppy and everything will be great, it just takes time. So get too it. Start learning about chihuahua potty training and don't give up. Feel free to check out the link bellow for more information on chihuahua potty training and to watch a free dog training lesson.

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